Sunday, December 4, 2016

Technology in Education: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Cons?
Reflecting back on the entirety of my learning career, I have observed one very key point. Teaching and learning have changed dramatically due to the evolvement of technology. All semester long I've been learning about the benefits that technology has in the classroom--and I firmly believe that there are many. However, recently I stumbled across an article titled, "Screens in Schools are a $60 Billion Hoax" by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras. This article provoked some counterarguments to my understanding of technology in the classroom.

One argument against technology that really stuck out to me is that over 200 peer reviewed journals have correlated an increase in technology to an increase in ADHD, screen addiction, depression, anxiety and other mental problems. I think that as we continue into the future, it will be especially important to examine the long-term implications that technology has on the developing brain.

Despite all the negative consequences, the article concluded that the reason technology is still being used so frequently in the classroom is because of a very common culprit--money. It is estimated that educational technology is going to become a $60 billion dollar industry by the year 2018. I urge all educators to examine the sources of which they are learning about the benefits of a certain technology gadget in the classroom. Is it done by a company who will profit tremendously from selling their product? Just something to think about.

I honestly have no idea what the future holds but I believe that as educators we will need to closely examine the impact our technology use is having in the classroom. Do the benefits outweigh the cons? That I can't answer, but I'm sure that very question will be throughly researched in the upcoming years.

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