Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Biometrics: The Future of Education

If you're anything like me, the word biometrics makes you yawn. However, they are actually a facet of technology that educators should get incredibly excited about! Biometrics refers to any technology that can recognize humans based on either physical or behavioral traits. Today's most popular biometrics include fingerprint recognition and voice recognition.
The possibilities that biometrics hold could completely change the learning experience of students. With biometrics, technology would have the capability of really understanding the physical and mental state of your students. While this may sound like a scary, "technology taking over" kind of scenario, it could actually be very beneficial to a child's learning. For example, course material could be changed based on the students response to the content. This would ensure that every student is learning in a way that bests suits them. I know that personally, I am excited about all the potential that biometrics could have and am especially interested to see what happens in the future.
Check out this great article by Edutopia that explains how biometrics and four other types of technologies may shape our future classrooms. The future is exciting in the world of education!

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