Thursday, November 17, 2016

Seesaw: A Must Have App for the Classroom?

There are tons of different apps for the classroom and it can be overwhelming for teachers to figure out which apps are really effective.  One app that I believe could be a big game-changer in the classroom is called "Seesaw". Seesaw is an app that is essentially a digital learning journal that gives students the opportunity to document the work they are doing and then share it with teachers and parents. The image below shows the different ways that students can document their work through photos, drawing, notes, videos, galleries or links.

Seesaw provides many benefits to the learning environment for the students, parents and teachers. Here is a list of a few key benefits. 
  • Students get the opportunity to see how they've grown over the year
  • Students can have an audience for their work which can motivate them to do their best work on every single assignment 
  • Parents get the opportunity to see their students work on a more regular basis
  • Parents can better support the students learning at home by keeping up to date with what learning is happening in the classroom
  • Teachers can easily evaluate student work
  • Teachers can be organized and easily communicate to parents and students
As you can see in this list, Seesaw can make the classroom a much more organized environment with open communication between the parents, students, and teachers. I saw this app in practice in the kindergarten classroom that I completed my level one field experience in. Parents loved the feedback from the student and the teacher loved how easy it made the process. This app is definitely worth further exploration! If you would like to learn more, has an excellent article about this app. Go check it out! 

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