Friday, November 18, 2016

Crash Course Kids: Growing Students' Knowledge Through Videos

In high school, whenever I felt that I had some blanks in my understanding of a topic, I would turn to a YouTube channel called "Crash Course". Crash Course creates short videos that use graphics and creative scripts to explain many different educational topics. I absolutely love the humor and creativity in the crash course videos. It seemed they could do a better job explaining a topic in 5 minutes than a lot of teachers could in a 60 minute lecture.

Screen Capture of Crash Course Kids Homepage
About a year ago, Crash Course made a new channel called Crash Course Kids. As a future teacher, this got me excited about all the possibilities for using these videos in the classroom. The videos currently focus on 5th grade science content, however they will expand in the future. Crash Course Kids is created with teachers in mind, even listing the common core standards that align with each video.

My favorite series that that Crash Course Kids has produced so far is about the Engineering Process. This series explains what engineering is and describes the process in which engineers go about in creating new things. Engineering is an important skill to bring in to the classroom. These videos would be an excellent way to introduce an engineering project and then they could act as a guide through the engineering process. Crash Course Kids would help get students excited about learning, as they bring in a real world application to the classroom. Below is the first video in the series. I highly suggest you check out this channel! 

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