Monday, November 14, 2016

Expanding My Personal Learning Network #4

Resource 8: Instagram
I personally use Instagram, but this class has taught me that every social media platform can also be used to expand my personal learning network. I followed a few education Instagram accounts. One account I personally loved is called “Target Teachers”(Target Teachers). This account posts fun and cute activities for students and all supplies can be purchased at Target. This makes it easy to access all the supplies needed. As a Target lover myself, I found this a great connection of two of my favorite things, Target and teaching! Another account I followed is “Brown Bag Teacher”(Brown Bag Teacher). This is run by a teacher in a K/1 classroom and shares ideas of what she does in the classroom and her ideas on teaching. A post that I found really interesting was a picture of the homework she sends with her students. There was a chart of 16 “after school adventures” and the students have to see how many they can complete with their families. Some were academic related but other activities included things such as, “do an act of kindness today”. I thought this was a great view on homework and I am excited to see more that she posts.

Resource 9: Blogs
Blogs are a valuable resource because they provide an outlet for any person to share their experiences, knowledge and resources to a large audience. I found a few bloggers in particular that can really help me expand my personal learning network. The first blog is titled, “Kinder Craze” written by Maria Galvin (Kinder Craze - A Kindergarten Teaching Blog). Maria is a kindergarten teacher and curriculum developer herself. The blog features a variety of different posts that would all be useful for teachers. The posts cover topics such as classroom setup, math and reading resources, and other free printouts for teachers. This blog really gets me excited to be a teacher and I can learn a lot from this current teacher. The next blog that I found was Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog (Ms. Cassidy's Class). This is a blog by a first grade teacher in Canada. This blog stood out me because of all the pictures and videos she posts of students in her classroom. Not only does she share her lesson plans and activities that all seem very fun, she also shows her students doing her plans. This is neat a future teacher to view as to how to implement the activities in my classroom.

Resource 10: Twitter Chat (Grace Mills Twitter)

Twitter is beneficial for more than just entertainment. It is a great educational tool because it allows you to personally connect with other educators from around the world. I participated in the Iowa Edchat and go to ask a professional a question. The topic for this weeks Edchat was “How do you right a wrong”. A lot of the discussion was based on how do you apologize to your students when you make a mistake. I learned that you never should make excuses for what you did, but rather admit that you made a mistake and explain what you will do better. I introduced myself to the group and they were all very welcoming and excited to see future educators in the chat. I also asked a question about what to include in an apology to a sixth grade math, science and social studies teacher. He responded that you need to include specifics that contain what you are apologizing for and how you will work to regain their trust. This topic was honestly something that I had never considered in my teaching career. However, it is guaranteed that I will make mistakes and will need to know how to approach them with students. This chat is a great way to learn about unique education topics and get to personally connect with others who have experience in the field. I will probably be joining this chat again.

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