Monday, November 14, 2016

Expanding My Personal Learning Network #3

Resource 4: TED Talks
TED talks are an incredibly valuable education tool. There are thousands of experts who give well written speeches about current and relevant information in education. I watched this lecture titled "Every kid needs a champion" by Rita Pierson. Pierson talked about the importance of making connections with our students and making them feel like humans. It is necessary to make every student feel like they are capable of success and they are valuable. These lectures are extending my personal learning network because it gives me an opportunity to learn about how to be a better teacher, outside of the classroom. The ideas in TEDTalks are very innovative and I believe watching these will make me a much better teacher.

Resource 5: Podcasts
Podcasts are short radio shows that cover all kinds of topics. Here is the link to download the Podcast app on your phone: Podcast App. There are many great education podcasts that have real educators and professionals in the field discuss relevant issues in education. I listened to the podcast “Every Classroom Matters with Cool Cat Teacher”. This podcast is done by a teacher named Vicki Davis. In this episode she interviewed an expert who explained how to deal with kids who are unable to regulate their emotions, and how to teach children to be able to regulate their emotions. The expert suggested that every morning you take time to “ground” your students and have them quietly take time to realize where they are and what they are here for. I would love to incorporate this into my daily routine as a teacher. The neat thing about podcasts as well it that they are very up to date and have new episodes all the time, allowing you to stay on top of all topics regarding education.

Resource 6: Lynda Tutorial
Lynda Tutorial is a website that has all different kinds of tutorials for almost every kind of technology and using technology in the classroom. The tutorial that I completed was titled, “Creating Multimedia Learning”. This lecture was done by Renaldo Lawrence. It was a very informative tutorial about how to set up and implement multimedia learning in the classroom. One aspect that I thought was useful was how to work with other teachers when setting up projects. Projects don’t have to be one subject or even one grade, and teachers should be collaborative. I will use this resource in the future if I ever need assistance in a new technology device or a new topic in technology education.  

Illustrative Math is a resource that provides instructional tasks, assessment tasks and lesson plans for teachers in math. The format is similar to the Iowa Core website in that you pick the grade level and then the list of standards for that grade will come up. You can then select the standard and there will be tasks for that standard. The neat thing about this is that professionals can comment their experiences with the lesson such as how it went and what changes they would make to the activity. There are also videos for teachers to watch for them to gain a better understanding of math concepts themselves. Many teachers struggle with math and this website can help teachers learn and connect lessons to standards. It is a very useful website for any educator.

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