Monday, November 14, 2016

Expanding My Personal Learning Network #2

Here it is! My list of resources that have helped me expand my personal learning network. There will be a total of 10 resources over the next three posts. 

This resource was a lecture titled, “How You Can Become an Informed Voter: An Overview of Four Political Parties’ Positions on Key Issues in Education”. It was a webinar available through the Kappa Delta Pi Education Society that I am a member of. The organization sent out an email about being able to attend this lecture. I watched the lecture during the time it was live. A benefit of watching a live lecture is that I got the opportunity to ask a question and then it was chosen as a question that was answered during the Q&A portion of the lecture. I learned a lot about what the key issues about education that are being discussed in today's politics. This was a valuable tool to me as an educator because the candidate that I vote for for president, will likely still be the president when I get my first teaching job. The candidates views on education will likely impact my future classroom. It is important I make an informed vote about the candidate I believe will do the best for the education system. This was a valuable lecture to attend. KDP offers many more webinars, and you can go back and watch past webinars. This is definitely a useful resource in staying up to date about current information relevant to education.

Resource 2: Zoom
This resource is a video conference program, similar to Skype. The advantage of zoom is the ability to add a whole group to one conference call. In class we used this program to video conference with Dr. Z. This was very beneficial because he was able to provide assistance for our WebQuest, but we could still meet at locations that were convenient for all of us. It is an easy way to connect and collaborate with others without having to physically be in the same location. I could use this program for several different things as a future educator. One way would be it could be used to conference with parents who may work odd hours, or have difficulty physically getting to the school. It can be a great way to still maintain connection between the teachers and the parents. Another way is that you could Zoom with other teachers to work on creating a collaborative unit for all of our students to participate in.
Resource 3: Pinterest
I have been using Pinterest for a long time, but I have recently learned about the large education community on Pinterest. Pinterest is full of creative ideas and solutions to incorporate in the classrooms. Teachers post their ideas, and you can re-pin ideas that capture your attention. I followed boards that are dedicated solely to education ideas. A few pins really stood out to me when I was following these boards. One pin featured 17 ideas of simple things to do to help children with ADHD focus. These ideas are simple and it shows that other teachers have probably tried these ideas and have them to work. It is a neat way to help out other teachers. I also searched for the tag, “kindergarten” because that is the grade level that I am interested in teaching. There are a lot of handouts and activities to do in the classroom for this age. One idea that really stuck out to me was an activity called, “My Kindergarten Goals". It looks like a bingo sheet where it has all the different goals the kindergartens have for the year based on the common core. The image is shown below. This activity would make students understand their goals for the year.

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